Quick start guide

1. Playing on the keyboard

  • Select the instrument of your choice by tapping the Instruments button.
  • Adjust the keyboard position by using the navigation buttons left and right from the navigation map or simply by tapping on the navigation map itself.
  • Adjust the number of displayed keys with the pinch gesture over the keyboard navigation map or by manually setting it in the setup screen.
  • Load a beat in order to play on top of a rhythm: tap the Files button , double tap the Beats folder and double tap a beat to add it to your song.
  • Effects can be added by tapping the effects button in the menu. See the effects section for available options for the reverb, delay and equalizer effect.

2. Piano Lessons

Tap the Files button , double tap the Lessons folder and double tap a lesson to learn it. It is easier to practice a piece if you already know how it should sound. Tap the play button to listen to the lesson, then tap it again to stop, use the scrollbar to rewind and start practicing by pressing the highlighted keys.

3. Recording a song

Follow these steps to create a simple song from scratch:

  • In the Files screen , tap the New button to create a new song.
    • Optional: Open the Beats folder and double tap any beat to load it. Now the song has a rhythm as a basis.
    • Optional: in the setup screen , set the tempo of your new song.
  • In the instrument screen , choose an instrument from the list.
  • Back in the keyboard, tap the record button , wait for the precount (which is 4 metronome ticks long), play your piece, then tap the stop button.
  • If you made a mistake and want to re-record, simply tap the delete button to erase the notes you just recorded.
  • Select another instrument and record again. Notice that recorded instruments are marked in the instrument list with a red icon in the corner.
  • Connect earphones, tap the microphone button , then tap record and sing or record a real instrument on top of your existing song.

    • Note: If you don’t use earphones, the speaker output will also be audible on the microphone track which will result in the undesirable effect of everything being output twice at playback.
  • Tune the reverb in the effects screen , maybe set the equalizer and a delay.
  • To save your song, open the Files screen , tap the save button, enter a song name in the text field and tap OK.