The Instruments

50in1 Piano comes with a sound library of 50 studio recorded instruments, covering all musical styles like electronic, rock, classic and much more.

All instrument samples were recorded with professional studio equipment to achive the best possible realism.

The Keyboard

50in1 Piano Keyboard

50in1 Piano offers the most innovative keyboard:
  • 85-key clavier
  • 5 simultaneous touches
  • Instant resize and positioning
  • Navigation map
  • Adjustable key labels
  • 1-tap recording
  • Undo function
  • 2 available skins (blue/red)

Piano Lessons

Learn to play the piano on your iDevice
  • 100 Piano Lessons
  • Left and right hand selectable
  • Learn to play with the Akai Synthstation
  • Practice with a real keyboard by using Line6's MIDI Mobilizer

Supported Accesories

Line6 Logo Line6's MIDI Mobilizer is the most portable MIDI system ever. Connect it to an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to play, record, and backup MIDI information any time, any place.  [more]
Synthstation25 Logo The SynthStation25 transforms iPhone or iPod touch into a portable music production studio for mobile music creation. This MIDI keyboard controller gives your handheld device a two-octave set of piano keys and professional audio outputs.  [more]
irig mic   irig 50in1 Piano supports iRig Mic and AmpliTube iRig.


50in1 Piano supports connected Core MIDI devices on the iPad with iOS 4.2 (or later) via the iPad Camera Connection Kit (if they match the CoreMIDI standard).  [more]

Real-Time Effects

50in1 Piano Real-Time Effects

Augment the timbre by adding and tweaking one of the four real-time effects:
  • Reverb simulate different rooms and halls
  • Feedback delay simulate echos
  • 3-band Equalizer
  • Pitch bend controlled via the device tilt